IML Containers has extensive capabilities in packaging – from in-mold label technologies and tamper evident closures to wooden material. We would like to share the insights with you on the creative packaging possibilities, industry news, and new updates within IML plants. Check back with us! You will learn about companies that successfully re-branded by introducing new packaging with In-Mold Labeling decoration that made a strong impact in the marketplace. You will also gain insight on how more efficient packaging benefits on a larger scale, including reducing carbon footprints.

November 2014

IML Containers Has the Most Stock Tools in the Industry

You may already know that IML Containers was one of the first manufacturers in North America to adopt and take advantage of the in-mold label technique, where labels are directly injected into the packaging. Our parent company, Lacroix Packaging, has been manufacturing in-mold labeled containers for more than 25 years. You can depend on that knowledge, background, and tradition when looking for the right in-mold container partner for your food packaging. In fact, IML Containers offers the most stock shapes available for in-mold labeling in the market.

Our shapes range from ovals, freezable ovals, rounds, and squares, to sqround, rectangles, and mini-cups, all of which can be fitted with tamper evident or non-tamper evident lids.

Among the stock sizes:

  • Ovals – perfect for dips and spreads, butter and margarine
  • Freezable ovals – showcase your ice cream and gelato
  • Rounds and sqround – good for hummus, yogurt, and crumbled cheeses
  • Mini-cups – perfect for yogurt

Different sizes are available within the same family, along with a variety of colors. Contact us at +1-450-258-2262 or for more information about our stock containers. We’d love to work together and find the right container packaging for your product.